Another Bump in the Night

Hours later and I still find myself here. Though this day is much different than others. As I finally begin to feel my eyes grow heavy, I realize that morning light is not meant for me. It only begs me to return to sleep. I wish I could return to dreams, but I know that the only thing that awaits me there is a deep sleep that will yield nothing of interest to my imagination.

I was considering memories that may or may not be. It has always fascinated me: my brains endless ability to forget and repress things. I refused for so long to see the big picture. Glass-half full mentality is only good in certain circumstances. Not when things need to be changed.

Notes Written in Romans

The things that will end it
Destroyed bit by bit
With the spirit you cannot mesh
While living within the flesh
Nothing you wish for can be bought
It requires a change in thought
Transformed by the renewing of your mind
A continuous effort to avoid a bind
Allowing the world to decide my place
Will only disrupt my pace
Implement the fundamentals from the word
Otherwise life is nothing but absurd