The smell of incense from the floor above
Animal crackers on the paintings
“STOP & think” the wall tells me in bright red
Octagons across the wall
Fans on the ceiling
Clothes spinning dry
The blinds are broken
They never close
Old fashioned lamps and bass amps
Another instrument playing itself out of tune
Saddles and helmets and strings
A scattered basement
A blue ottoman disguised as red
Remotes, power tools, and bamboo mats
Spiders: in the corners, under your clothes
Blue skies shine through the windows
Visitors come and go
From finals, to finals
Studying and learning and bustling
Planning out life
Cheating death until that final moment
Sleeping in blue and black
Silence and dark
Nightmares that leave me sitting in bed
Wondering what my subconscious wants
Dawn comes and I can finally drift away
Though this sun leaves me burnt and alone
Solitude that will always remain
Loneliness like a lullaby

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