Another Beginning

Normally, I’m busy writing when I’m at the beginning of another end. You know, when things are all falling out of place, I suddenly feel the urge to type something true to my heart. Well, right now, everything is going very nicely–other than being broke, but that is momentarily not of consequence.

So, I ditched traveling to fly home to my now fiance, Max. As I was wandering about Iceland, not only did I run out of money and make a few mistakes in life, but I also realized that I did not want to travel anywhere without Max. No view was as stunning as just being near him.

So, I came back. I got a job. And I started overworking in order to pay off some debts. Now, I’m done with that and I have decided to pursue this writing thing more full time. I have no money, but God keeps nagging at me to trust Him in this.

So, I probably should.

Anywho, back to my book, my fiance, and the perfect November air. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

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