About Katherine

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Katherine Z Mraz is an aspiring writer currently finishing up her memoir while dabbling in poetry and story snippets. Her memoir, The Fallacy of Honesty, begins with her junior year of high school and creatively chronicles Katie’s journey through harmful relationships, emotional instability, and spirituality. It’s a relatable coming of age story for young girls about overcoming relationship failures, depression and uncertainty. Fallacy (for short) is about to enter the most grueling stage of its life: editing. Katherine hopes to begin her agent search and publication process near the end of 2016.

Following the publication of her memoir, Katie will shift focus to her sci-fi novel. This story will follow a young girl by the name of Rhea from Saturn to Jupiter to Mars. It is based in a post-apocalyptic neither utopian or dystopian universe where Earth is continuously consumed in flames. There is still a lot of world-building to be done, but she is very excited to delve into this world.

Katherine currently lives in Columbus, Ohio and will be getting married October 2016. She wants to return to school to finish her Creative Writing degree. Her long-term goal is to fully support herself with writing and to share inspiring stories from around the world.

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