Grand River Brewery Review

As I entered the rustic Grand River Brewery and Restaurant in Jackson, Michigan, I could not help but feel welcomed as the hostess instantly greeted me and showed my date and me to an open seat. The restaurant was full of friendly, though slightly anxious, servers preparing for the upcoming dinner rush. It was almost 5pm, so this was to be expected. The hostess happily seated us and handed us two different menus, explaining that the dinner one would start at 5pm.
We did not have to wait more than a minute or two before the waitress arrived and asked us what drinks we would like. I requested water and a sample of their seasonal pumpkin ale. To my dismay, she did not ask me for my ID. I realized that my date looked older than me and I was dressed professionally while carrying myself with as much grace as I can muster, but I am still only 22, so I was slightly taken aback by this. The pumpkin ale was a delicious ale, its flavor encompassing fall itself and reminding me of the roasted pumpkin seeds of my childhood.
However, I ended up ordering the Michigan Mule, a drink with vodka, ginger, and lime served in a charming copper cup. I have since tried to recreate this drink myself, but I can never get the perfect lime and ginger taste. This drink has the perfect amount of spice flavor from the ginger balanced with the sour of lime. It is a must-have for vodka drinkers.
Returning to analyzing the service, our waiter brought our drinks to us in a timely manner and kept our glasses of water full throughout the whole evening. I ordered their risotto with carrots and mushrooms. The waitress warned me that because this was only on the dinner menu she could not place the order until 5pm, which was still in another ten minutes. I said this was fine and was pleasantly surprised when my risotto was served a mere ten or so minutes after five. It was very hot, clearly just finished. The risotto was too salty for my taste, but still enjoyable with the balance of the mushrooms and carrots. I only ate half of my risotto, and the waitress promptly and kindly package it within a to-go container.
Overall, my experience was wonderful. I enjoyed the drinks and atmosphere of the Grand River Brewery immensely and the service was outstanding. The whole menu was reasonably priced for the items offered, the atmosphere provided, and the quality of service given. I was a little disappointed that I was not asked for my ID and in the saltiness of the risotto that I was served, but other than that I have absolutely no complaints and will definitely return for another Michigan Mule and for more delcious and reasonably priced food.