Half Full or Half Empty?


A thousand words we have heard before
Different interpretations for every generation
We fade away from each other
We can no longer reach a soul with words
Before this, knowledge was to be envied
Ask and you shall receive
The answer is never without pain
There may be one-or even two or three
A few in number may share my path
Except, if they do, they share my loneliness
They share the same desire for freedom
They share the same desire for peace
Our calling is one that will not be called normal
This path will never be clear
Our hearts will never be filled
I angle my palms upward
To let go of everything
Not in search of nirvana
No, in an offering to God
A constant reminder
He gave it all
All to Him I owe
Sin had left a crimson stain
He washed it white as snow
It does not matter who I seek
It does not matter who I find
It does not matter who I love
It does not matter who loves me
God above is all that matters
His will is over all
His love is the only thing that will last
His peace is the only real peace

I cannot answer any questions
For all eternity it will remain thus
Look around you and find the answers yourself
Feel them in the earth between your toes
Smell them in the blooming flowers
Taste them in the falling water
See them in the infinite sky
Hear them in the flowing river, the chirping birds, the breeze through the trees
Look around you and find the answers yourself

Feel them in the concrete creeping across the earth
Smell them in the smog in the air
Taste them in the acid rain and infested waters
See them in the city lights
Hear them in the sirens, the passing trains, the airplanes overhead
Look around you and find the answers yourself

Feel them in the love you hold for your friends and family-feel their love for you
Smell them in the dinner you cook with your friends and the just washed hair of the one you hold closest
Taste them in your clean water and on the lips of your beloved
See them in the outstretched hand of a friend, the sacrificial love of a stranger
Hear them in our laughter, our songs, our constant notifications
Look around you and find the answers yourself

Feel them in the eyes of the rapist, the murderer, the thief as he approaches you
Smell them in the gunpowder in the air, the fires of war
Taste them in the blood in your mouth, the ash, the dried tears upon your cheeks
See them in the hate all around, the ever escalating crime
Hear them in the crying of a homeless child, the screams of the arrogant, the rebels of youth

Look around and see all of them: the answers are there
It is your decision alone which answers to hold onto
But know this
There is never only black and white
There is never only one story-one side
There is never only one answer
Will you see the good?
Will you see the bad?
If you choose one and forsake the other
You have discovered nothing
You are biased
You are blind
There is no half full
There is no half empty
There is half liquid
There is half air
There is a solid container for these two
There is no vacuum
You cannot separate the two within the container

There’s Always Someone Better Than You

She is the sun: brilliant and blinding, everyone is envious of the warmth of her personality, the surprise of her burns, the contagious life from her lips. Everyone tries to stare and approach, looking for something predominantly physical, but her obliviousness to flirtation provides enough distance. The one who got closest burnt his wax wings and plummeted. Those who stare become blind to her complete separation from this world-she is truly out of reach.

I am the moon. I know I cannot have her perfection and as I reach towards her morning light, I become invisible. No one ever even bothers looking for me when her light is in front of them. I am a collection of reflections from her and other stars. As her fuel burns on and her angle changes, what is seen of me grows and diminishes. I have no light of my own; the words on my lips hold no contagious hope for my light does not cause photosynthesis (for the vast majority of this world). Sometimes I even disappear completely from my nocturnal home in the sky, but, when I am visible, I am attainable. I am old news. I’ve already been landed on and claimed. There is no novelty to missions within my space and the gravity that I have cannot hold even a feather in comparison to how everyone-myself included-dance around her. Our every day, our seasons, our years-they all depend upon her. Her gravity holds us all and draws us all in.
As her distance still burns, I wash away all I can. I control the tides: this weight is mine to bear and I treasure it as those around me marvel at her control of the Earth, me, my brother Mars and my sister Venus. Saturn and Jupiter even recognize her weight as they ask me, “What are the tides of Earth to this galaxy? They mean nothing in comparison to our daylight.” I try not to get between her light and everything that needs her, for I know I am too insignificant in comparison to have a confident stand. She will burn on forever, bringing about my disappearance, but during those moments when she is hidden from view, I will quietly reflect her light as best as I can.
I am one of the few who is content being invisible in her presence or being only noticed when she is away. Her distance supports me and every so often you can see me block her out. On these days, many more people take notice than they do of only me, but more people take notice than they do of only her as well. The eclipse is the most beautiful of all appearances within Earth’s sky. Everyone within sight takes a moment out of there day to look at us and marvel. It is not like any night sky. It is not like any day sky. Cameras around the globe take advantage of the few minutes to capture our rarity.
As we pass by each other, she smiles and thanks me for taking care of Earth while her fire keeps her far away. I do not understand. She is the real reason the Earth lives on. She tells me that I can go where she cannot. Earth always needs some light, in the midst of the darkness, maybe, just maybe, I can at least prevent someone from falling. And though I may not be keeping the whole solar system in check, I am still close by and even if my light is fully extinguished, it will return. You can count on it as you would the rising sun.


In Responding to Death

Tick tick stop.
The clocked stopped.
Another breath gone.
Another life extinguished.
Never knew, never saw
Never planned for tick
Never saw the tock
Only missed the days
The time is all dispersed
Over there: across the globe
Somewhere far away, somewhere questioning
Another dimension lingers just out of sight
Almost tangible by the spreading imagination
It may spread too far
I’d find myself in bliss
I’d find myself forever lost in my infinite imagination
Dreams never dreaming
Waking dreams ever coming true
Dimensions overflowing
Finding me everywhere, within all
Ever living all the dreams I can dream
All the things I will never utter
All the things I ever reach for with my heart
Always finding within my mind’s eye
The intangible
The impossible
The ever growing number of dimensions
Worlds apart from worlds, all interconnected, all displayed in our imaginations
If only we could open the door
Travel beyond our words
Travel beyond our space
Travel beyond the tangible, the possible
We could see more than all the worlds
Through the dimensions, through imagination, through insanity
Forever traveling, always learning, always finding how little we know

And there you would see me
Apart from everyone, no longer of earth
Traveling from world to world
No… Not using stars as compasses
The stars will be as ants are to the earth among the galaxies
I will use the galaxies themselves as my compass
The next dimension will be my horizon
From beyond this land, from beyond this world
From beyond this space and Milky Way
From beyond the suns and the gods of suns
The dimensions beckon me
The galaxies in the next life call me
Within all our human ingenuity
Within all our human imagination
Within all our human insanity
Where is the excitement?
Where is the goal?
Where is that metaphorical “One Piece”?

When we dream, imagination takes hold, if only for a second.
When I wake, please do not leave me, imagination.
Let me slip into insanity.
Let me slip into my mind.
Where all the dimensions are divided across a thin line
A path allowed for me to traverse
A path showing the way to all the stories, all the galaxies, all the beginnings and ends
The dimension strewn out for me to see
For God to hide behind, always encouraging
For my mind to get lost in, for emotions to burst in, for sanity to be forgotten and loathed

May my imagination ever take me there. To the dimensions beyond this one, where everyone is real, everyone is genuine, where adventure is mandatory, where my dreams lead me to finally being able to express these thoughts and feelings

Imagination, take me away.

Yea! This earth is grand. Truly, everything does sing God’s praise.
The water is fresh, the earth is yet green, good still can be found within humanity.
Mountains: rooted far below, tower far above
Islands: shifting, watching the moon, ever growing and shrinking
The Skies! Stars for gazing or city lights blazing
Plains for camps and grazing
Planes for heights and travels
Rivers and springs, ever fresh and full of life
The oceans of the sky and earth: vast, unsearchable, unknowable in this age of information and technology
So many things sing Your praise! So many things glorify You!

And yet, I sit here, contemplating this imagination You have given me. The possibilities. The worlds. The aspirations for the truly impossible and implausible. Waiting for space ships and teleportations and energy resources beyond fathom. Years and years of this imagination-my insanity-how I have suppressed you. It is almost liberating, sitting here, typing reminders of the vast cosmos, the dimensions and the impossible realities that occupy the majority of the space within my memory and brain.

But then… As quickly as my imagination is stirred, so it vanishes into the wind.

New Miscellaneous Things

I wonder if starting my first post with the word “miscellaneous” in the title will help spark more interest in the hearts of those that read it? Dear reader, look at my title and know that I can use large words. Be impressed. I even spelled it correctly upon my first attempt. I then proceeded to type gibberish to ensure that the spell check works here. It does.

The start of a new year has brought me here to the start of a blog. I have always wanted to have a public diary, where I regularly cut myself and let words bleed out of me until the internet knows more about me than my real life friends. This is my dream: someday, someone will ask me, “What is your favorite color and why?” and I will be able to respond, “Just go to my blog and go to February 4th, 2014 in the archives. I spent hours and hours articulating my thoughts on my favorite color there…” Yes. My dream. My whole life will be cataloged here.

After I wrote “cataloged” I typed gibberish to check on the spell check again. You can never be too careful. If my whole life does end up on this online blog, someone please murder me before I give myself severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I suppose since this is my first post I should give an introduction.

Nope. Just see “About me” section which I will bring into existence shortly after this ridiculous post… So, by the time anyone (rather, if anyone) reads this, it will definitely be there. Hopefully.

I am looking forward to getting involved in this world of blogging, but for now I have other matters to attend to. I will leave this sad excuse for a post alone for now.