Ephesians Poem

The storms will never quit
On this desolate earthen bit
Here where the devil roams
Stirrin sand, fire n dust
But I know,
–Even within earth’s moans
That he will only come to rust
For the One in whom I trust
Can stop every burn and gust
And not only this!
He also truly is
The Lord of lords and King of kings!

And the God who always brings
Every promise and word to pass
Sent him to become my pass
Into heaven, into home
Into family and eternity
So we no longer roam
Nor live with cursed enmity
Instead we rejoice in His grace
While our hearts learn our new place
Beside the risen Christ
Above evil in Christ
As brothers and sisters in one accord
Sons and daughters under one Lord
And God’s treasure forevermore.

Notes Written in Romans

The things that will end it
Destroyed bit by bit
With the spirit you cannot mesh
While living within the flesh
Nothing you wish for can be bought
It requires a change in thought
Transformed by the renewing of your mind
A continuous effort to avoid a bind
Allowing the world to decide my place
Will only disrupt my pace
Implement the fundamentals from the word
Otherwise life is nothing but absurd