Fitness Journey: Building the Habit

It all began on Monday, March 13th. I set up my Planet Fitness membership and got on the treadmill. For the first two weeks, I went five times a week; I wanted to build the habit. Some of those days, I really did not want to go. So, since I got the black card membership, I told myself to go even if all I did was lay on the hydromassage bed. On those days, I still worked out, because I find the hardest thing is just getting there.

Those first two weeks were definitely the most difficult for me. I actually wasn’t that sore (I made the point of eating healthy, excessively stretching, and not taking on more than my body could handle), but, mentally, it was a challenge to motivate myself to go. It was also very difficult to overcome the mental block that frequently plagued me when I started feeling like I couldn’t do it anymore mid-stride. Thankfully, this mental block is becoming easier and easier to overcome. Also, I no longer have myself on as strict of a schedule, but still go/workout three-four times a week, because at about the three-week mark I actually craved exercising.

What a great feeling!

Just Do It

It seems like it will be impossible forever; you’ll hate it and just do it, because it does give you more energy, help you sleep better, and is just plain ol’ healthy. But, if you can just keep at it for a few weeks, you’ll start genuinely wanting to do it. A few crunches and jump-squats in the comfort of your home becomes an enjoyable warm-up for your jog or ride instead of another tedious daily routine.

It’s kind of awesome.

It kind of makes me want to get out there and continue my habit that once plagued me, but now! Now, I really just enjoy it.

Unfortunately, I’ve been wearing old, thrift-store shoes, and now I can’t run or jog for a little while. My shins, ankles, and feet have ached since Sunday, so it is just strength training and biking for now. This is also exacerbated by my job (mostly in my right leg), so this week has kind of really sucked.

BUT. I still really want to go workout and still have options. It took some time and a lot of motivational speeches to myself, but I’ve got the habit now. So, I’m very proud of that.

Now, I’m gonna go ice my legs 🙁

-Katherine Z Mraz